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02 Nov 2017


How can one tell if a writer possesses the qualities of a good writer? Will he/she submit a superlative paper according to your expectations? The below top five qualities of a proficient writer will help one understand why it is essential to evaluate a writer before assigning them your manuscript.

  1. Professional writers are patient.

Skillful writers are patient and realize that completing a manuscript is an imperious goal. Writing will not be smooth. There will be days when the writer will have nothing to add to your document. They should not stop writing! They should, however, take one sentence at a time; the writer’s persistence will pay off! Their patience will eventually amass to a comprehensive coursework that will make you proud.

  1. Attentive to details.

Good writers can describe their characters while allowing their readers to see in detail the scene they are describing. Have questions been answered in a way an average reader of the book would have? Will the reader know how your character looks? The reader sees what is being portrayed, and they become more devoted to your story.

3.) Good listeners

Writers need to be right listeners and observers of their surroundings during those times when they are not in the action of writing. During such times a writer is still in the field of researching. What about someone with a personality that intrigues the writer or makes him/her detest them? The writer should propound on those character traits and bring them to life within the pages of your book.

What catches the writer’s eye when a person enters the gym, the club, the grocery store or the church? Has he/she experienced a conviction that “This could only happen to me!”? Alternatively, “No one would imagine this.” The writer should revitalize the scene in the manuscript and bring it to life. They should make the levity of life be what makes the book a familiar read to your readers.

4.) Avid readers.

Show me a good writer; that is a devoted reader! After all, reading is what usually prompts a person’s zeal to write. An excellent writer needs to engross themselves in a pool of words. What qualities should a writer hold? List down the kinds of books that make you stay up all night reading them because discovering the influence of other writers will help you choose an original writer.

5.) Vivid Imaginations.

The resources offered by the internet today for writing purposes make writing fantasy accessible and exciting. All writers have blessings in the creativity wing. We see events, meet people, and for some reason, the imagination process kicks into high gear. The most significant pleasure of being a writer is, exploring areas you have not personally experienced; it is imagination at its finest. Let it soar! What can your imaginations create?

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